My name is Kelly. I like helping animals and making things.

 Kelly & Jack

Kelly & Jack

Welcome to my tiny, sparkly corner of the universe. I hope you find comfort, healing and hilarity in the wonderings and wanderings of my connection with animals.

Be positive. Be entertained by the struggle.

As an advocate for animal welfare, a percentage of proceeds generated by the words, products, or affiliated links associated with this site will be donated to organizations devoted to supporting and protecting animals.

May we live in partnership with the spirit that lives in all things.

With gratitude,



Kelly Bellcour is a curious mash-up of creativity and compassion, and wants to live in a world where bluebirds and dragons can be friends. Art and animals have always been a part of Kelly’s story. As an independent graphic designer, illustrator, and writer, she has a particular interest in storytelling. Kelly is also a certified animal massage therapist, energy healer, and advocate for integrative therapies for healing and rehabilitation in animal health care. As such, she works to promote and provide therapeutic quality of life care for animals. Her current work involves repurposing her creativity for the benefit of organizations that support and protect animal welfare. Kelly lives outside of Bozeman, MT on the property where she grew up with her daughter and beloved animal friends.