I cannot get out of bed. I shut Ed Sheeran and his Sunburn (Bonus Track) down with the snooze 3 whole times before I force my tired brain from sleep. That’s 27 minutes lost to the dark of the morning. I start to run through the inventory of things that must be done before leaving the house. … Feed the dog, feed the cats, and the rabbit. Shower. I can skip the shaving, and take my tiny mountain of medication and supplements later. I can shove my thyroid deficient hair up under a hat today. The dogs I’m working with won’t care. I find my last $6, because now I don’t have time to make my daughter a proper lunch. She’s still sleeping. We’re both exhausted.

I make a mental note to change my alarm to a song whose words will make me feel less like running into traffic.

The start of any new year is thick with expectation, and this year is no different. So far, each day has come and gone with little hint as to what’s next for me in my own personal life journey. I can feel I’m in the middle of some giant cosmic shift, and that there are some serious lessons that I need to acknowledge and integrate before I can emerge from the shadows. So I go about my business working with dogs, assisting in their rehabilitation and wellness with massage therapy. In between appointments I settle at the local teahouse to write, think about how to repurpose my creativity, and struggle to understand how it all fits together.

Maybe the universe will talk to me today.

Driving home, I’m lost inside my insulated bubble of thought, but notice 2 big ravens sitting side by side on a fence. One has his head turned in such a way that it looks like they are having a conversation. They are definitely having a conversation, and something tells me I need to be a part of it. My intuition lights up just like Iron Man’s Ark Reactor. I feel it right in the center of my being, and I know these birds have a message for me.

So I talk birds. Big deal. That’s normal, right?


Historically, the arrival of a raven was thought to bring negativity and darkness. I wonder if these associations came from witnessing the gruesome aftermath of battle, and the fields filled with black winged scavengers opportunistically having their way with the discards of death?

But I try not to focus on the negative… It just bums me out.

The raven is well known for its intelligence, adaptability and problem solving skills. Raven legend distinguishes the birds as being both secret keeper and messenger, as well as symbolic of thought and communication.

The raven is said to represent the shadow self, and facilitate communication with the darkness of the mind. The ability to connect both halves of self, the shadow and the light, helps to balance wisdom and shine the light of consciousness onto fears and the places that require growth.

If the raven visits you, you can expect renewal and healing. He will assist you in moving through transitions by casting light into the darkness, illuminating the lessons you need to learn most.

When a raven chooses a mate, it is for life. Raven love is for life. Aww, I think I totally love the concept of raven love!

As the world’s largest songbird, the raven is remarkable in that it can learn to speak. Today, raven energy is reminding me to be patient with myself, and never to fear speaking my truth.

To fear… Nevermore

The handsome image, “Pixley Ravens” is by Teddy Llovet, via Flickr, and licensed under Creative Commons.