Anything CAN Happen


I don’t consider myself a hater, but I HATE questions like, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Because the one thing that I have learned in this lifetime is that you just never know what’s coming for you.

Anything CAN happen, and...
Anything WILL happen.

At times, life truly seems to be a random recipe of determination, coincidences and timing… Who can possibly know what five years will bring? A year ago, I had no sense that I would soon become unmarried, and that my view of the future would be clouded with uncertainty, isolation, and searing despair. I have come to understand two things to be true in this life. The only thing we have control over is the here and the now, and assumption and expectation are toxic to relationships. Easy words to understand, perhaps a bit more difficult to live by.

You just never know…

One minute you might be drinking beer in a parking lot in Great Falls, Montana and the next minute you’re wondering how Rick Springfield keeps his t-shirts so, incredibly, soft?

Anything CAN happen.

When I was 17 years old, I washed windows inside the high school with vinegar and newspaper in order to be able to go to Seattle with the Art Club. On this trip I met the person who would become one of the most significant people in my life. Admittedly, my circle of influence is small. It is more a focused point of light, and less an expansive, all-inclusive circle. However, this chance meeting would introduce me to a bestie that would carry and counsel me through my most difficult of times.

You just never know.

As part of my post-marriage apocalypse recovery plan (PMARP), I decided to start writing again. I like finding meaning in words strung together on paper, or in ether, and less often by strenuous and awkward verbal delivery. My bestie encouraged me to begin writing again, so I shall.

As part of my ongoing PMARP, she delivered me to the Magic City where I was publicly and psychically shamed into acknowledging the current state of my affairs, and the (lack of) cleanliness of my personal pool. On our adventure, we rode a bewitched elevator with an handsome airline pilot with a message intended only for us, ate breakfast in a haystack, searched for hidden treasure along the side of the road, and took another step in our life journey, together.

If my bestie told me to jump off of a cliff for no good reason, I would… Oh wait, I DID jump off of a cliff and into a river for no good reason at her request! Those reckless days are for the most part in the past, but I would still follow her to the ends of the earth and back because she knows me better than most, and has kept my best interests and secrets safe, without judgement, for a long, very long time. And that is what a bestie is all about.

THIS I know.